Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Jun 27, 2019
27 June 2019
Today's Speaker: George Look, Midcoast Forum on Foreign Relations
27 June 2019
Buckets on the Table: Backpack Program (50-75 backpacks)
Today’s Speaker: George Look, Midcoast Forum on Foreign Relations
Serving as Executive Director, George appreciates the richness of the culture of the Midcoast. The forum is an organization that serves the community by providing information on international security and increasing knowledge in the area and the rest of the world. Founded in 1983, a monthly meeting consists of a speaker, lunch and conversation with a written purpose to consider all aspects of international affairs without shying away from the difficult issues. They began bringing in Senators and international officials to speak to the group of around 25 individuals. Currently the forum has 300 members and is still slowly growing. Meetings are not open to the public at this time. Speakers are generally international in nature, a few regional issues and topical issues such as climate change, wealth inequality, American character, empowerment of women, again, aiming for diversity. In the future, we are still looking for slow growth, relocating meeting site, bring community awareness to group and work to invite diverse speakers. Maine public radio broadcasts speakers. They also invite graduate students from U of Maine to meet members. They are looking to work with other organizations to grow opportunities to educate and provide opportunities to expand community awareness to international issues.
Presentation of Awards:
Ripple Initiative, filling furniture needs
Apprentice Shop, maritime skills/boat building
Knox Clinic, medical/dental assistance for underinsured
PAWS, pets/medical care needs
Watershed Institute, high school
AIO Food Pantry, food/fuel
Merry Spring Nature Center, environmental
New Hope for Women
Coastal Children’s Museum
Committee Reports:
Tonight is the Annual Shifting of the Gavel! 6 pm cocktail hour with presentation at 615 pm.
Boat Show, August 9-11, signup sheets are out! No arm bands this year!! This is a fund raiser for us.
Upcoming event: Aug 17th, we are going to have a yard sale, Rockport Automotive. Proceeds will be going to Polio Plus!
…the next Week’s Speaker…Robin McIntosh, Midcoast Leadership Academy