Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Jun 20, 2019
20 June 2019
Speaker of the Day: Laura Evans, Merida Yucatan
20 June 2019
Buckets on the Table: Back Pack Program
Speaker of the Day: Laura Evans, Merida in Yucatan
A lot of history, since 1542, one of the oldest cities filled with amazing architecture. At the end of the 1800’s, there was great prosperity that allowed the building of mansions and streets, introduced beautiful tiles into homes and every neighborhood has a church. Most homes contain courtyard gardens hidden from the public. The City started one of the first higher institutes of education in the Americas. The city also contains museums of folk art, outdoor markets and an English Library. Merida seems very safe even though the city is a population of around 1 million souls. There were trees, flowers, music, birds, colorful buildings and many other visually stimulating experiences. Eat Drink and Be Merry, for Tomorrow you may Die!
Thank from the Camden Library!
Red Completions! Sorry for the flipped pic (can't get it to rotate!)
Satellite Club met at Camden Island last week.
Etienne provided a video of his Hamburg RI meeting. Wonderful experience with great speakers! Amazing people doing Amazing things for their communities!  
We are getting new video equipment, Yea!!
Community Service: Habitat Saturday, 17 Warren Road in Rockland, 8-12 am
Jazz in June was a good turnout for the first year! They are looking to give it another try next year!
6-9 pm, WBR Annual Change of Command Dinner at the Samoset! There will be a morning meeting that day!! Need the head count by Monday!
Monhegan on Sunday!
Will be giving out the donations to the recipients next week as well!
Next Week’s Speaker: George Look, Midcoast Forum on Foreign Relations