10 June 2021

10 June 2021
Pre-meeting Chatter!  Days in Maine start a lot earlier than in the south! Thankful for a much cooler day! Nice livable days, a much normal day for us…Solar eclipse this am (0515), did anyone watch it? Dog ticks are big this year, brown tail moths are big this year too!
Buckets on the Table: The Landing Place - drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden –next to Hannaford- or mail to PO Box 1033, Camden 04843 – or website donation site using the donate button).
Poem for the Day: Chum Barry, it is better to be seen than to be viewed
Who is this Rotarian?
Sponsor Minute:
Rotary Minute:

President and CEO of Maine Media, started just a year ago but was married here some years ago. Mike became aware of Maine Media when he viewed the work of some of the photography instructors. Maine Media began in 1973 for photographers and film. A not for profit creative institution that skills and master degree work. A host for visual story tellers, Maine Media has a wonderful history and been a part of the artistic community of Maine. Many pillars of American art in the early 20th century spent time in Maine. The attraction for Mike was the long tradition of teaching and inspiring hosts of students; influencing the field of visual culture. School will be starting up again in July, looking forward to getting back into teaching. 2023 will be the 50th anniversary for the school. 1750 students participated virtually last year. 800 students will be on campus this year (less than normal). Student range from 14 – 94!
Committee Reports:
Last meeting of the year is June 24th, which will be our transition meeting! In person meeting with a zoom stream, details to follow…Thursday night (6 pm).
Hurricane Island Work Day with Camden Rotary on August 14 (pwfiske7@comcast.net). $40 / person
Boat Show will be on this year! Reduced events but will be selling tickets at gates (no wrist bands, yea!). August 14-16th.
Tiki Time: 5 pm on Friday, George and Jan’s! Parking is limited week from tomorrow!
Community: Next Habitat Project will be in June 12, 0830 to noon. Let Tim Dresser know if you are interested in hanging out with some builders! (Philbrick Ave, Rockland) Come Join Us! Matching Funds Event ($1900) with UMC has begun with a deadline date of June 30th.  Made $2000 for the club from the yard sale!  Thank you to all who helped!
Satellite: Corn hole, 12 teams participated. Raised $500. Great time! 5:15 at Flat bread Pizza tonite!
Need Public Relation committee member help!  Let Mark Coursey know!
Next Week’s Speaker: Diane Lebson/Peace Presentation