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25 July 2019
Today's Speaker: Suzanne Uhl-Melanson, District Governor

25 July 2019

Buckets on the Table: Backpack Program

Today’s Speaker: Suzanne Uhl-Melanson, District Governor
Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Robert Falciani, Camden Selectman.













The District Governor does get a lot of training, 2 years leading into the transition, and reminds everyone, that everyone has a story! In 1999, Suzanne moved to a new community (Waterville) by herself, starting a new career and decided to join the local Rotary Club. She was active in community projects and fundraising, but really didn’t know about all the efforts of Rotary International. Suzanne decided to signed up for the foundation committee and attended her first district conference to witness a lot of active, engaged, friendly group of Rotarians. After this conference, Suzanne started to understand RI, having fun while caring and supporting the local and international communities. She learned that One person Can contribute in a global way and make a difference!

Suzanne encourages everyone to ‘Learn to say Yes’! Let the rotary road lead you onto a journey. We each need to take our turn…Reach out to like-minded people and organizations to join into community efforts. Contribute to EREY; this will be matched, this year, 2 to 1 by Bill and Melinda Gate.

Rotarians are the best kept secrets! Thousands of hours of volunteering, active in the community, brag about yourselves…build a public image committee, take pics, post pics, Rotarians are People of Action! Have fun and share your stories with each other!









Suzanne’s international project will be ‘Saving Mothers and Children’, fighting chronic malnutrition in Guatemala. Suzanne is proposing two projects, converting cooking over open fires to high efficient stoves and a program of weekly training of women as community health promoters.

District conference at the Samoset May 1-3, and we will have fun!











Committee Reports

Community - Habitat on Saturday 0800-1200.

Foundation – Meals program is still underway and we are adding more clubs and groups for assistance, we may also be sharing foods bags with local police to carry in their cars to help when needed. We will need $6500 all said and done.

International – focused meeting to discuss upcoming year, mapped out new project ideas.

Vocational – All speakers lined up for program, need Taxes and Accounting speaker

Boat show – 9-11 of Aug, need 15 more slots, pick your slot!

Chowder challenge – still looking for a volunteer to take over the project.

Yachting – invited to Sat 4-7pm, Lake Megunticook, bring a kayak (southern end of lake…there will be music!)

Fellowship – Tuesday, 7 pm at Sea Dog , trivia night!!

Next Week’s Speaker: Tiffany Love, CHA Regional CNO