08 July 2021
Speaker of the Day: Robert Falciani Classification Talk

08 July 2021
Pre-meeting Chatter!  Nice seeing everyone this am! Looking forward to in person meetings. The Camden falls are moving. Kenny G showed up just in time! How long does it take to tie a bow tie?
Buckets on the Table: Backpack program - drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden –next to Hannaford- or mail to PO Box 1033, Camden 04843 – or website donation site using the donate button).
Service Above Self Moment: Encourage everyone to give moments to Mark as well. Post article for a high school student (inmates pooled money $32K over 3 years). Exercises in Empathy inmate group.

Speaker of the Day: Robert Falciani Classification Talk
Began in Boston! Education was all in Mass. Early years designed Nuclear Power Plants. Advanced technology type projects brought him to west coast and worked in biopharmaceutical industry, designed clean room for microprocessors and chips and data center cooler systems. Retired in 2009 to Camden, involved with teaching in Boston as well as Maine during post retirement, doing some consulting, is a private pilot and participating on community boards.
Committee Reports:
In person meeting? Is a priority but need to establish protocols at the Church and find a way to keep everyone safe. Some still require a virtual setting and we want to be sure we have a quality system set for this. Let Mark know if you have questions!
New Fund Raiser! WMLRW: When Mark Loses Rotary Wins! Mark wants to lose weight. $10/pound lost will be donated by Mark. There will be a link to send pledges for members to be involved.  If Mark does not lose anything in a week he will match pledges of others!  This is to be fun and supportive for Mark! There will be a 50/50 raffle to guess weight (still working on details for this one), scale is to the nearest 2 tenths. Starts next week and will weigh in every Thursday morning.
Boat Show will be on this year! Reduced events but will be selling tickets at gates (no wrist bands, yea!). August 14-16th. WestBaysignup.com to sign up!
Voting on Officers for this year: Anonymous Approval
Each standing committee will be placed on Public Relation committee. Still looking for a co chair for Public Relations.
Christmas Trees: working on it still, vendor supply issue. This is active and we still want to move forward!
Community: Aug 7th Habitat
Tiki Time July 23, Gary and Roberta’s lake house
Backpack program: Barbara tells us that fund raising has begun!  LLBean has sent 90, Staples gave 90 filled pencil boxes, $100 gift card from Walmart. Nice beginning. Looking for money donations instead of ‘things’ so that we can buy in bulk!  Thanks Everyone!
Next Week’s Speaker: not yet posted