Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Feb 02, 2019
January 31, 2019
Speaker: Club Assembly

January 31, 2019

Buckets on the Table: Camden Area District Nursing Association

Speaker: Club Assembly

A small group of past, present and future presidents and secretary got together to discuss the West Bay Rotary strategic plan, which we need to look at every 3 years. They will get back together again to review what is discussed today. Discussing current state and how we hard wire progress over the next 3 years, setting bench marks and how to the club keep an eye on the progress. Today we want to discuss where are we going the next 3 years, what has worked, what has not etc.

What are we doing well: Tiki Times, monthly is great!! Format of meetings is going well, speakers at the beginning of the meeting, red badge plan is done well, the number of projects is at the correct level.

What can we do better?: Sometime need more members in assisting with setups for events. Are we succession planning for our events? We need to be clearer on how members progress to higher leadership roles, maybe come up with more functions that can help us grow and visible to diverse populations, can we be more structured/formal in welcoming on site visitors.

The board is also exploring options on updating the Paul Harris Fellowship display.

The Charity Recipient for the Football Pool Fund Raiser will be Camden Area District Nursing Assoc.

Committee Reports

International: Continue to support certain projects and students. One time donation was given to ‘Ray of Hope’. ‘Hands across the Sea’ project is something being considered at this time, they are looking at utilizing a grant for this project. Minutes are available on the website!







Community: Next project is Habitat near the end of February. The committee is working on ensuring that there is a definitive process for evaluating and selecting projects to fund.

Membership: We are looking at non-profit memberships, how the red badge process  would work for these members and setting up a new plan for this type of group.

Vocational: Met with some challenges this year but are working on resolving

Interact: Not sure of the overall direction at this time

Satellite: Thanks group for assistance and support. Group is working on bringing in new members. Members are learning about Rotary and looking more at the website. They will be volunteering as well.

Public Image: Sponsorships and Impact – Approximately 11,500 Rotarians visit Maine every year! We are in our 2nd year of annual sponsorship, 13 sponsors so far! These sponsorships increase revenue, promote our club and increase our credibility. For example - for every 3 sponsorships = revenue from the boat show. There are also event sponsorships. We send out emails to folks they may want to sponsor events, the list totals around 200groups throughout 11 local communities and we are looking to include chamber members.

Next Week: Marianne Naess, Nordic Aqua Farms