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February 7, 2019
Marianne Naess, Nordic Aqua Farms

February 7, 2019
Buckets on the Table: Knox County Homeless Coalition
Speaker: Marianne Naess, Nordic Aqua Farms
The mission of Nordic Aqua Farms, a purely land based company (no sea pen farming), is to provide the world with high protein food sources. It is built on the backbone of the Norwegian industry. The demand for fish proteins will double by 2050. Fish consumption is now completely dependent upon farming. Salmon needs cold water and good environmental conditions to succeed and Maine is the only place, currently, in the US that farms salmon. Maine is the second largest seafood US supplier on the market (Alaska being first) and this project will expand Maine’s seafood state status in a market that is growing 7-8% per year. People are eating healthier. Sea pens have delivered all growth in salmon and supply in the past 2 decades.  This land based farming produces very health salmon, raised in modern facilities, without medications, no parasites and have a very low risk of escape. Wild salmon are a protected fish. The quality of fish produced in this farming setting are close to wild salmon in firmness and low fat content. These fish will be produced close to the consumer in a relatively low footprint. Seven percent of US consumption will be produced at the Belfast site. 350 acres are needed to farm with 54 acres in Belfast. The company is interested in environmental stewardship and values the community it resides in. Nordic Aqua is a private company that will likely be listed in the next 2-3 years in Norway.
Nordic Aqua will purchase an additional 80 acres of land that will be dedicated to the city and set up as a land reserve. Nordic Aqua Farms has a good track record and will utilize the experience and skills/capital strength criteria for success in land based farming. The facility should produce 100 new jobs, encourage new businesses of smoking salmon and fertilizers, and may be able to assist with lobster bait supply as well. 99% of the water from the farm is recycled, this farming help conserve wild salmon populations and the discharge is often cleaner than what is received into the farm. This style of farming has minimal impact on the environment and community. This facility will be built in 2-3 phases over the next several years. Nordic Aqua is currently in the permitting process through the summer and is hoping to break ground in the fall. They want to be a good employer with a steady work force.  They are a young company with the ability to expand capital and are looking to expand product of yellowtail tuna and steel head.
Football pool raised $840, with 2 winners, Terry and Barbara, $590 donated to District nurses
Butch Wooster, from Rockland rotary: Bass tournament, raffling off a fishing kayak, ticket sales.
Steve: parking for Snowbowl, starting at 0600
Chili challenge: come in and support and volunteer
Lisa: Tiki Time at George and Jan’s at 6 pm, bring appetizers and games. Darts and cribbage provided! Feb 15th.
Training for leadership opportunities: Check out the district web site, district training, Rotary Leadership training offered April 20 in Wells.
Barry: April 6 at Point Lookout, Bowl for Kid’s Sakes, we need 2 more people to make a second team
Next Week’s Speaker: Lexi Doudera, Saltwater Classroom