06 February 2020
Club Assembly and Presentation of Awards!
6 February 2020
Susan Dorr Thought for the Day:  “A difference cannot be built by indifferent people.”
Buckets on the table for February are for Big Brothers Big Sisters.
Ken Gardiner and Mark Coursey gave out the club’s donations to the following selected organizations:  New Hope for Women, University of Maine (URock),  Midcoast Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, Coastal Opportunities, Bay Chamber Concerts, Simonton Corner Community Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, St. George Development Corporation and Come Spring Food Pantry.
Kim Milton selected New Hope for Women’s Community Education and Prevention Program as the recipient for the President’s Award for her term. 
Chili Challenge:  We have 9 locals restaurants/organizations signed up for the Chili Challenge on Saturday at 16 Bayview from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.    There are a few spots still open for signup to help.  Please contact Bruce Peel for more information.
Club Assembly:
Secretary:  Making changes to website in order to drive the most pertinent information to the top.  George needs all event information to keep the Rotary calendar current along with all emails that need distribution to all members.  For goal reporting purposes the following information is needed for each event where appropriate:  how many Rotarians participated, labor hours donated and money raised.
George currently needs a listing from each Committee Chair of their members. 
Lastly, George, Sandy and Bruce are working on an update of our Bylaws. 
Treasurer:  Financials were reviewed by board in January and in line with last year’s.  Fundraising events are doing well.
InternationalTwo ongoing projects are continuing:  Lesotho and Yucatan Water Project. 
We made a relief contribution in light of Hurricane Dorian and are matching buckets for Australian Fire Relief. 
We are funding 16 participants in the Camden Conference from local schools. 
New projects have been to help a school in Tasmania that is for children touched by HIV.  This project was brought to us by Mimi. 
WBR pledged support and adopted a library on the island of Dominica and have sent books. 
MembershipWe have 2 potential members in the pipeline and one to be presented for membership today.  Kim asked that we continue to recruit new members. 
Interact:  Doing well.  Selling Valentine’s candy at school.  Providing help at the Camden Conference and excited about being Pages at the State House.  
Community Service:  Trying to implement a more transparent process to our donation process.  We had over 25 applications requesting over 5 times the amount we had to give.  Also we are also trying to make the process more regulated and clear. 
We have spent time looking for projects that don’t require hard labor.  This Spring we will do an annual review of community needs. 
Vocational Service:   It is expected we will receive somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50 applications for our scholarships which will be the primary work of the committee this Spring.
Youth Exchange:  There are two potential students for the youth exchange program.  We currently have two long term exchange students with one enjoying their time in Mexico.  Committee NEEDS 2 new members!
Sponsorships:  We have 14 annual sponsors and another 10 event sponsors for the Chili Challenge.  This area of fund raising is a major resource for our club.
Fellowship:  There are two activities that are done jointly with the Camden Club:  Monhegan Trip which will be scheduled in June on a Saturday and the monthly book club with meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Picker Room at the Camden Library.  Next meeting February 12th at 4:30 to discuss the “Good Talk.”
Ute Moliter has been proposed for membership.
Ken spoke on some ways to give to Rotary such as contributing to our endowment, transferring appreciated assets or leaving in your will or trust.  Speak with your financial advisor for more information, 
Kristen spoke to the possibility of signing up to give our charitable foundation on a regular basis.  This can be added to your quarterly invoice.  Please speak with Kristen. 
Next week’s speaker is Debra Taylor from Sweetser