04 February 2021
Speaker of the Day: John Stokinger, Classification Talk
04 February 2021
Pre-meeting Chatter! How is everyone doing? Thank you for Rotary and Zoom! Got to get below Orlando to stay warm for the winter! New game: ID people behinds the masks! Lots of vaccine talk today, relief when you get your appointment.
Buckets on the Table:  New Hope for Women (drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden –next to Hannaford- or mail to PO Box 1033, Camden 04843 – or website donation site using the donate button).
Poem for the Day: Mimi Edmunds – Rotary Rotary, Next Week – Joan LeMole (and the Sandy)
Sponsor Minute: Maine Sport Outfitters – Inspire hikers, skiing, other outdoor activities. They operate a lodge off Friendship (off the grid) lots of shore frontage and available for rental when they are not using it for adventure programs.
Speaker of the Day: John Stokinger, Classification Talk
John was a member of WB Rotary once upon a time. One mean corn hole player! Retired banker, born in Illinois! Then moved to Missouri and Mass. Then to Cape Elizabeth Maine! Grew up with Tim Dresser! University of Maine, in Education but never became a teacher. His wife is a nurse. They have moved 19 times! 2 children living outside the state, a son and a daughter…and a cat Cinder. Couldn’t find a teaching job so entered into Banking! Later went to a small bank in Vermont, left banking and went to work at a ski resort but seldom skiing. Left that one and went back into banking. Relocated to Pennsylvania and continued working in banking…followed the children. Retired in 2018! Interested in camping and traveling around with the travel trailer! Love hiking year round, especially winter! Skiing is a favorite and snow shoeing. Hunting is a good past time, is a craft beer nut, Red Socks. 1980 joined Rotary in Bath. 1983 joined Rockland club for 7 years (West Bay)! Vermont club for 14 years, Penn too! Remembers when women were allowed at members!
Paul Harris Award to John Stokinger! Congrats!
Paul Harris Award to Sandy Cox! Congrats!
Committee Reports:
Book Club: (members also include Camden Club) Feb, 5 pm by Zoom. Entangled Life\Merlin Sheldrake. Contact Kristen for link! Booklist is on the website!
Community: Next Habitat Project will be in February 6th. Let Tim Dresser know if you are interested in hanging out with some builders! (Philbrick Ave, Rockland) Come Join Us
Public Relation and Sponsorships: Emails go out to everyone for advertising, monthly videos, raffle at Christmas, buckets in cyberspace and backpack program. Increased dollars to bucket donations increased during cyber times. Trying to document everything to pass on to the next member taking over in July! 2020 Best of the Best of Knox, 1st place WB Rotary Charity and Community Service Organization and Civic Org!  Woohoo, Community does recognize and appreciates our work!! Leamon is working sponsorships. Annual and Event programs exist. This year we have only had Christmas Tree sales. We have 14 sponsors (lost 1 recently). We will be starting a Sponsor Minute to help us recognize and promote our sponsors.

Youth Exchange: International travel has slowed us down but are working on shorter exchanges. One former student will be speaking at next week’s meeting! A lasting service.
Foundation: EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) most give a minimum of $100/year (after 10 years, you earn a Paul Harris Award). Points were assigned so that points can be given to award to others in our community. Letters have been sent out to members that have a lot of points, you can arrange to have a Paul Harris given in your name. A great recognition throughout the world to give to others for good service. Our club has accumulated a lot of points and are working to award others in our community. Information is available on the website for giving.
Club Phone Tree is beginning. If you would like to participate, contact Ken.
President Project: Working with Midcoast Recovery. Been working on painting of one of the houses, will be working on a matching funds project to increase dollars to donate. Ongoing project is to provide financial education to the residents. If you are interested in being involved, talk to Ken. Help people get back on their feet!
Membership: Looking for an interim lead for this. A co-chair is in the wings but still need another chair!
Satellite: Feb 11 next meeting
Fellowship: Valentine Cookie Raffle