20 February 2020
Speaker of the Day: Jeremy Gold - President of Freeport Rotary

20 February 2020

Buckets on the Table: Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Speaker of the Day: Jeremy Gold, President of Freeport Rotary - A very International club. A fact finding group traveled to Kakamega Kenya, one of the poorest areas of Kenya. The Strong and Healthy Project is working on a global grant to assist 150 women over a 3 year period to develop small agricultural businesses. The first tasks are to select the participants, train them, give them a loan to start up business ($200) and follow them over the 3 years and evaluate their progress. $97K have been raised so far and are working with the local rotary club. The project is ready to begin. Have done market studies to determine what products to grow and sell. There is a multiplying effect for the community as well as the children of the women participating in the program! They own less than 1 acre and usually grow maize but they are now looking at growing bananas which yields greater profits for those in such a poor. Consider helping provide funding for this project!

Rotary Minutes: 1988...getting women into Rotary skit!! West Bay has 52 men 48 women members!!













Rodney – Paul Harris award!













Many thank you notes from UMA, students, Rockland Rotary

Committee Meetings:

Steve – Appreciate all the help for the Snow Bowl! Net around $5000!

Ken – Presented gift to Meals on Wheels! Saw a 23% increase in need last year and we turn no one away. The visit is just as important as the meals we deliver.













District Conference at the Samoset, register for the conference and hotel are separate.

If you visit another club, let George know!!

Etienne - Thank you for our all speakers!

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Tiki Time: Abendroth’s, Friday 5pm, Bring your own Stuff and app!

Next Week’s Speaker: Cheryl Liechty, MD, Infectious Disease