Posted by Trina Kuykendall on Feb 14, 2019
14 February 2019
Lexi Doudera, Executive Director and Olivia Dawson, Director of Education – Saltwater Classroom
14 February 2019
Buckets on the Table: Knox County Homeless Coalition
Lexi Doudera, Executive Director and Olivia Dawson, Director of Education – Saltwater Classroom
Mexico and beyond! Ocean Education through Global Collaboration. They provide a classroom study mixed with hands-on learning outdoors. It is an approach to environmental education in grade schools. Oceans are in trouble, they are experiencing acidification, pollution, climate change and habitat loss. Addressing these concerns begins with education, in the format of workshops, flexible teaching formats, offer weeklong workshops to young students, summer camps and any other way of getting kids hooked on ocean stewardship. There is a 5 day structure: talk about planet earth (surface of earth is 71% ocean), coast and coastal oceans, waterworld (measure waves, plankton, and water quality), marine life (fish and marine mammal), today’s oceans (beach clean-up, how oceans are changing and community event to showcase all the projects). Past workshops in Camden, 8-13 year olds, Sayulita an international school, 5th and 6th grade kids. Communicating science thru art.
The second phase is developing a tablet application for those who have taken the program. This is in the process of developing. It will be interactive and contain species bios, can send messages, creates a network of young people to connect them and allow opportunities for collaboration. Next steps, launching fund raising campaign this spring (to develop an app).
Board Meeting: Satellite club has new member placed forwarded for membership. Loriman completed his red badge program
Toboggan Event – Biggest and best year, cleared $6500 this year
Chili Challenge - $1400 tickets + $900 sponsorships, very good venue!
Duck Derby – Wed at 430 at Jan and George house, need a core group of folks divided into groups, duck counting party to come! Need 8-10 people to help get the project started!
Tiki Party – Friday 6pm, bring a game to Jan and George! Check you emails for more info!
Youth exchange – need more volunteers, long term exchange program started up again
May 3-5, district council, carpool!
Leadership, April 20 in Wells
Next Week’s Speaker: Anyone interested in Presenting?