13 February 2020
Speaker: Doug Curtis - District Conference

13 February 2020

Buckets on the Table: Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Presented Gift to Simonton Corner, We are invited to an April 24 Paint Party! (Main and Park Streets)










Mary Bumiller – Raffle Tickets for Generator Support

Doug Curtis – District Conference. May 1-3. Volunteers are needed! Mary Sargent is in charge of Volunteers this year. Takes place at the Samoset. We will be adding 10 more clubs to our district! Lots of events to explore and topics to expand your knowledge.

Deb Hitchings and Noel Cox received sponsor pens- Uta Moliter begins her Red Badge Program!

EREY for Rodney Lynch and Kristen Lindquist









We are sending $700 to Australia!

Bruce gave a Classification talk – Wooden boat preference but favorite boat is a canoe, born in NH….during the Truman administration. Went to College in NH, engineer program. Lived in San Fran for a while, came back to New England and began working on boats, started his business. Likes to travel, reading, cooking and Rotary!

Chase Classification Talk – 3 daughters, 2013 in Camden Maine, born in Hartford Connecticut, attended Colby College and met his wife. Worked in Insurance Co in Milwaukee for 40 years.


Tiki Time - Jan – Friday 5 pm BYOS (bring your own stuff) at Abendroth’s

Chili Challenge – raised $2300! Need a co-chair for next year!

Auction by Terry: Chocolates!!

Next Week’s Speaker: Jeremy Gold