20 August 2020

20 August 2020

Buckets on the Table: Backpack Program (drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden or mail in to PO Box)

Poem for the Day: Deb Fink - Ode to a Duck, Next Week – Peter Lindquist

Speaker of the Day: Mike Rich/Pen Bay Medical Center

Sr Director of Operations, Mike will be discussing the new Medical office building located on PenBay campus. Funded by the community and the foundation. 2 story building including most offices, internal and family medicine, ENT, pediatrics and speech. Some other offices will expand into the old building. Looking to open around October 30 when we begin moving practices into the building. December 7th is the projected date for all patients. We are moving as many of our current practices to our campus. Covid social distancing will be set in place at this location as is present in other locations. Picker Center is owned by PenBay, all others have been leased. Urgent care center is being considered but not set up at this time. Gastroenterology center has been moved to the physician building, looking to expand surgical space for providers.

Committee Reports:

Barbara H– Backpacks – have a partial list for some groups, schools are giving out supplies to grade school and middle school. The Bregy’s may be needing some dinners provided thru Meal Tray. Check the site out and sign up for a delivery of your dinner to the Bregy’s.

Community: Next Habitat Project is Sept 12th. Let Tim Dresser know if you are interested in hanging out with some builders! We can have as many volunteers from now on, so Come Join Us!!

MRC Yard Sale: August 29th MRC yard sale, no clothes or electronics. Need help moving items, let Lisa Dresser know. Start dropping items off on Monday before!

Corn Hole: Should be seeing some press and team signup sheet on line. 5 corporate sponsors so far. A raffle will be held at the event, asking for Artist’s work to be raffled. Food truck will be onsite. (…and alcoholic beverages!) Looking for 40 teams, maybe 15 signed up so far. Sat Sept 26th.

42 Masked to be ordered, George is taking the orders and will gather orders for another day or so. Double filtered and for every mask purchased, one is donated.

Sunset trip on the Appledore, $60 fee, let George know by next week! Wednesday, September 2, 5 pm, just West Bay Rotarians.

Christmas tree committee is getting set up, let Tom P know if you would like to join the zoom meeting Monday at 5 pm. The bigger the group, the better! The more the Merrier!

Kristen: book club is The Nightingale, Kristin Hannah, Tuesday 430, Sept 8th by Zoom!

Next Week’s Speaker: Mia Wallace/Train for Change