Posted by TRINA KUYKENDALL on Aug 01, 2019
01 Aug 2019
Today’s Speaker: Tiffany Love, CHA Regional CNO
01 Aug 2019
Buckets on the Table:  Salt Water Classroom
Today’s Speaker: Tiffany Love, CHA Regional CNO
Originally from Ohio, Tiffany has worked for Veteran Affairs and other sites across the country including New York and Louisiana. One of the top jobs in the country that is needed to grow thru 2026 but will be short over 200,000 nurses but the majority of RNs are over the age of 55. There is a current shortage of 3200 nurses across Maine. We would need to graduate 400 RNs and recruit 265 each year to avoid this shortage, but there are not enough classrooms, faculty and clinical sites to create more nurses. Pbay is working to train students on site and are hiring a number of those students upon graduation. There are scholarships available but have difficulty finding Maine students. There is a focus on Patient: Nurse ratio in order to maintain high safety practices. We want to keep patients local and support outpatient providers as well. Travelers are used but have issues of quality and cost.
Committee Reports:
Boat & Home Show, Aug 9-11. No wrist bands this year! There are 3 gates and a smaller space. Children events have been included and are looking for more docks space because of all the boats coming in!  ‘Pay Anywhere’ is the payment system this year! Easier than last year! Vineyard is the T shirt colors this year, need one person to work Sunday afternoon. Volunteers will be getting guest tickets for everyone this year to come back. 
Eric from Rockland club: Golf Tournament this year is Sept 13th, (West Bay won last year….just saying…!), please sign up!
Introducing.....Rotary Minute by Gary Walker: Foundation – We need this foundation to exist, provides life blood for monies for projects around the world! Grant system helps grow funding. In 1917, the Kansas Club started out with a donation of $26 which has now grown to $4 billion. West Bay started in 1986 and has contributed around $250K.
Chowder Challenge is coming up at the end of Aug! $75 to sponsor the event. Have 4 vendors so far!
Rotary Book Club, The Big Burn, Sept 10 at Bob’s house
Tiki Time: Sunset Sail (or Full Moon Rise) on Appledore! 5:30 pm at the dock, Thursday Aug 15th.
 Backpacks are here! All sizes, which is great! Waiting on schools for more info!
Next Week’s Speaker: Bob Holmes, Classification Talk