08 April 2021
Speaker of the Day:  Ben Blackmon - Rockport Library
 08 April 2021
Pre-meeting Chatter! Beautiful Day! What could make it better? A Cup of Coffee! Going to be warmer today, lots of folks getting out for walks. Bob is back! Treatments went well, Welcome Back!
Buckets on the Table: Mid Coast Recovery Coalition (drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden –next to Hannaford- or mail to PO Box 1033, Camden 04843 – or website donation site using the donate button). (Merry Spring is next)
Poem for the Day: Tom Peaco – O Christmas Tree, Next Week – Trina Kuykendall
Sponsor Minute: Deborah Fink – Gold Sponsor, Vanderbilt Beach Resort, over 60 years, a family run business purchased in 1968), third generation management. Great support from the Resort over the years and provides wonderful prizes four our group!
Rotary Minute: Mary Sargent – Go to the Rotary Magazine to learn new things. Environment is a topic this month, a new area of focus for RI (the 7th area of focus). A lot of ‘round the world’ discussions are happening right now. This is bringing in more folks into the RT fold. This is helping to grow Rotary! July 1 2021 grants will be awarded for the first time. This broadens the base for Rotarians. (beginning on page 38 of this month’s Rotary magazine for more information)!
Speaker of the Day: Ben Blackmon - Rockport Library

We are fully open! Everyone is invited to come in and see us in person! Compass Rose correctly laid out in the entrance, glass offices for staff, computers and lap tops available, biography room for people to use for work, media nook (DVDs and audios), young adult room with a virtual reality computer, children library, space for crafts and lots of light! There is a commemorative patio with benches outside the children library. There is also a marine room with a beautiful table for meetings.

Adult books up as well, chairs and newspapers sitting in front of windows that leads out to deck! The downstairs is more an academic setting. Seating, working and set up for a program rooms for events and readings. Classes, speakers with kitchen area. Big room to work, lots of comfortable places to set up and relax. Performing Arts book section, there will be a brick patio and benches once complete. There is also an art wall for displaying local work! Open 9-530 most days (long day on Wed), 10-2 on Saturdays. Still limiting number of people but may be expanding numbers. Library is fully wired inside and on patios. A $3.5 M project, nearly $2M raised from donors! Possible Rotary Poetry Readings!?
Committee Reports:
Looking for committee leads for next year, looking for interested folks who want to participate. Some Big rolls to replace. Treasurer, Membership, Public Relations, Secretary…Reach out to Mark, Ken or Lisa!
Book Club: (members also include Camden Club) April 13th, Grace Metalious, Peyton Place Contact Kristen for link! Booklist is on the website!
Community: Next Habitat Project will be in May 1st, 0830 to noon. Let Tim Dresser know if you are interested in hanging out with some builders! (Philbrick Ave, Rockland) Come Join Us
Membership: Looking for an interim lead for this. A co-chair is in the wings but still need another chair!
Satellite: Contact JP for the link to attend. Meeting April 8, 5:15 pm via zoom! Park bench painting coming up! George has sent out the link. Earth Day Clean Up in Camden, April 23-24.
Next Week’s Speaker: Stephen Huyler/Author-India Expert