Posted by Sarah Ruef-Lindquist on Apr 07, 2018
Brian Robinson, Evergreen Home Performance
Brian Robinson spoke about Evergreen Home Performance making buildings perform better, which can be a challenge with some of the nation's oldest housing stock. By "better" they mean safe, healthy and comfortable. They have the means to analyze and diagnose issues that impair optimal heat, air and moisture conditions of the home. 
Thermal loss is analyzed, which is related to R-Values, directly proportionate to the heat efficiency of a building. They also analyze the movement of air within the house. Ice dams and icicles are evidence of heat escape, can result in unhealthy moisture inside from leaks and drywall damage. He shared examples of some of the projects they have undertaken for clients in the area to improve the insulation and moisture control, including blow-in insulation, seal and insulating the duct work, attic, spray foam and vapor barrier for the basement walls, perimeter drains, sump pumps, all with minimal impact on exterior or interior views. He referred to these as efficiency and comfort retrofits. They evaluate the most substantial improvements, based on the client's desire for comfort and/or energy-saving/efficiency measures. Tax credits for 2018 work are uncertain, but have been available in the past. 
Tom Albertson spoke about E Waste scheduled for April 21, which is being promoted on Facebook, and he has a sign-up for volunteer opportunities. Banners are going up. Special projects in the morning will be moving tables from the Rockport Boat Club and temporary road signs, greeters; shifts are 8:30-11:30 and 11:30 to 2:30p. There will be shredding, electronic waste, cash for clothes and prescription drug disposal. Midcoast Solid Waste will be doing paint disposal in June.
Peter Berke shared some video footage from his recent helicopter ski vacation to Canadian Rockies, in the Cariboos, British Columbia. The trip was a gift from his brother. 
Peter Berke is planning the Duck Derby for May on Saturday the 26th. Bangor Savings, Allen Agency, Camden Law and Atlantic Painting are sponsors already and he's looking for more. Florida trip, jewelry from Etienne Perret, hotel stays, gift cards and other prizes are being secured, and a duck counting party is coming up. Tickets will be available at the Business Showcase on April 11 at the Samoset, and we'll start selling tickets after EWaste.
Leamon Scott said members will receive via email a promotion of the sponsorship opportunities, with $150 and $250 opportunities, and would like us to share prospect names and contact information with him. 
Mark Coursey announced a community service opportunity on Friday May 11 to help with Special Olympics at CHRHS at shifts starting around 8a, and he has sign-up sheets at the club.
Joan Lemole is working on a project with Ellsworth to send 500 wheelchairs to Bolivia and Equador and will be a dinner at Penobscot Language School on Thursday May 24 and donations may also be made to the West Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation. 
Etienne, Mary Sargent and Mik will be going to RI Convention in Toronto and have voting rights.
Next week's speaker is from the Salmon Federation.