Club Meeting of April 23, 2020
President Kim Milton opened meeting, introducing guests Mark Masterson, Richard Anderson of the Camden Rotary Club, along with our speaker, State Representative Vicki Doudera. Sandy Cox provided the Thought for the Day, with a Mae West quote: “ You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!”  Members were asked to send an email to President Kim about potential recipients for Buckets on the Table.
State Representative Vicki Doudera then briefed Club members participating via Zoom with an update of activities in the State legislature and related activities during the current pandemic. Vicki identified that the legislature last met on St. Patrick’s Day, and has stayed very busy dealing with a wide variety of issues for her constituents and also for the State, while monitoring via Zoom the State DOL, UMaine’s fall planning and some nationally-based calls.  She mentioned that a large majority of people she has spoken to are very anxious about how to make a living and how to pay bills going forward.  Vicki identified that a virtual phone bank to contact seniors over the age of 80 in our area has been successful in reaching out to check on the health and possible needs on a weekly basis. Vicki pointed out about Governor Mills working with the governors of New Hampshire and Vermont on future plans to reopen our states post-pandemic.  She gave kudos to the local banks in the area to help local citizens with the small business stimulus, though pointed out that while many applications were processed, there are still a lot that have not yet been done.  Vicki closed her comments before taking Club member questions that 89,500 unemployment claims had been filed as of the prior day.
Roberta Walker provided the Rotary Information Moment discussing the role that Rotary played in the promotion of peace-making starting at the 1926 convention and also the formation of the United Nations in 1945, where Rotary International served as observers and translators to help guide the process and assist in dispute resolution.
Richard Anderson from the Camden Rotary Club statused our Club members on the website and the work on the Midcoast Rotarians initative. Sandy Cox, Leamon Scott, John Viehman and Deborah Fink have been heavily involved for West Bay Rotary.  It was noted that a disclaimer has been added to the website, given interesting daily articles are being posted (the disclaimer is to reflect that the articles do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Rotary International or its Clubs).
John Viehman and President Kim updated the group on the status of the West Bay Rotary Matching Challenge with United Midcoast Charities. As of the meeting, over $3500 of the initial $5000 goal had been achieved.
President Kim identified that Etienne Perret is drafting a grant application for the Meals of Hope project, which would likely be conducted in the fall.
Final reminder to send photos per Deborah Fink’s email request before April 25th.
Next week's speaker is Debra Taylor of Sweetser.