Pre-Approval Process for Fundraiser/Event/Grant/Club Donations
Fundraiser/Event/District Grant/Club Donation Pre-Approval Process Guideline
Approved 6/2/2021
Purpose: If there is a written plan that explains exactly what it is for, how we will raise the money, and how we will advertise it, the Board will have an easier time talking about it, especially with time constraints.  It doesn't mean everyone will agree or even that all ideas will be approved unanimously or even approved at all.  If the board does not approve it or perhaps has questions or wanted tweaks, it can then be a fairly simple conversation because we had a written draft of a plan for that event or activity. 
This Pre-approval Process applies to ALL events, fundraisers, district grants, and fund disbursements (other than those handled via normal business by the Club’s President, Secretary and Treasurer).  
The completed pre-approval process must be completed and be sent to the Club President/Secretary in advance of the Board Package being sent to Board Members, and so that the President can include it on the meeting agenda for discussion/approval at the next meeting. 
The Pre-Approval Form (attached here) must include the following information, at a minimum:
  1. Events & Fundraisers - Location, date(s), number of volunteers needed, estimated costs, estimated proceeds, recipient(s) of proceeds, how we will advertise
  1. District Grants (prior to the grant request is written) - Amount of grant request, amount we will raise, purpose of the grant, recipient(s) of proceeds, how will we raise the money, how will we advertise, what is the overall schedule of the grant, location of project
  1. Other donations (and funds, if we are including more than just donations) - Amount, recipient, purpose, how will we advertise 
A sample narrative Pre-Approval Form is also attached here (“Lucky’s Christmas Vacation Raffle), to help guide one in developing the inputs for their request. There is no special form that must be used – we merely ask that one identifies all of the required elements for your request, as defined in the paragraphs above.
With respect to Donation Requests that are screened by the Club’s Community Service Committee, their defined process takes the place of completing this approval process. Once they have voted on their selections, the Chair of the Community Service Committee will present to the Board a summary of their actions and provide a list of proposed recipients for the Board’s approval and forwarding for action by the West Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation.
With respect to Buckets on the Table donations, the Club President will recommend for Board approval the recipient of each bucket donation, as well as the duration of collection time for that recipient.
Please note that this pre-approval process does not apply to the business conducted by the West Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation, which operates under its own procedures.