The Key Documents for the West Bay Rotary Club of Camden, Maine are as follows:
1. WBR Club Constitution -- the Constitution contains the Rotary International guidance on the formation and ongoing, overarching procedures that guide our Club and all Rotarians. It also contains the details on our Club's formation.
2. WBR Club By-Laws -- more details about how the West Bay Rotary Club is organized and conducts overall business
3. WBR Club and Committee Organizational Structure Document (w/appendices) - provides much more detail, as it describes West Bay Rotary's Committee Structure and captures many of the operating procedures that are not contained or included in the Club's By-Laws.  Appendices in this document are the various forms and some detailed implementation procedures used by the Club.

These documents are all intended to be "living documents", and as revisions are made, we will periodically republish them, gain the required approvals of our Board and Club Membership, and then publish these revised documents on this website.
If you have any questions about the contents of any of these documents, please contact the Club's Secretary (name is on the lead page of the Club's website).