West Bay Rotary Club and
Committee Organizational Structure
February 17, 2021 - Revision 2
  1. Purpose
These policies serve as a working structure for the functioning of West Bay Rotary Committees. They can be revised as necessary by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors (Ref. West Bay Rotary By-Laws, Article 2, Section 5).
  1. Background
The Rotary Club of West Bay (Camden), Maine has implemented the following organizational structure as the administrative model for the West Bay Rotary Club. The essential structure is drawn in great part from the current Club Leadership Plan recommended by Rotary International.  While the past club structure has worked well for West Bay, these revisions are intended to improve club efficiencies and communications as well as reporting, goal setting and follow-up.
The West Bay Board has been adjusted in recent years to include newly important priorities such as Foundation, Fellowship, Sponsorships, Public Image and others. These additions have brought positive input to Board decisions but have made the Board a rather large and somewhat unwieldy group size.
  1. Standing Committees – General Concepts
There are ten (10) standing committees in the West Bay Board structure:  Club Administration (Club Services), Membership, Public Relations (Public Image), Service Projects (Community Service), International Programs, Youth Exchange, Vocational Projects, Sponsorships, Fellowship, and the Rotary Foundation. 
The following document is an outline of the committee and sub-committee responsibilities for the ten standing committees.  Sub-committees should be appointed and/or eliminated based on the current needs of the Club. The subcommittees shown in the content here are recommended for use, based simply on current Club circumstances and priorities.
A vital key in the effectiveness of this structure is the development of the best leadership skills on the part of the ten Committee chairs who will be overseeing, coordinating and reporting on the actions of their subcommittee chairs and members. Subcommittees may be used, or not as they are deemed worthwhile, within the structure of the major committees.
It is not a definitive blueprint that must be established in total and followed to the letter. It is merely an outline for positive structure intended to be used to the extent that it meets ongoing Club needs.
Future addition of non-included specific committees or subcommittees in the organization of The West Bay Rotary Club should be approved by the Board of Directors and incorporated into this document (approval process per Article 2, Section 5 of the West Bay By-laws).
It is recommended that this Document be maintained current and reviewed, annually at a minimum, especially whenever the Club does its review of RI Council on Legislation changes, or when RI issues changes to the Standard Rotary Club Constitution and its associated template of Club By-Laws. Also, consideration should be given to any needed updates when the Club’s Strategic Plan is updated/changed, or when the Board recommends/approves changes to our Club’s Constitution and By-Laws.
  1. Committee Reporting to Board and Committee Records  (APPLIES TO ALL COMMITTEES)                                                
Written minutes of all Committee meetings are required (including all appendices or documents that form part of the minutes). Official minutes shall be completed by the Chair, and provided to the President and Secretary, as well as all appropriate Committee members within 14 days of any meeting. Once published and received, the Secretary will make said minutes available to all Club Members within 14 days of receipt (largely via posting on the West Bay Rotary website on the applicable Board and Committee Pages).
It should be noted that all appendices or documents filed with the official minutes shall be made available to any member upon request, except any materials that are deemed by the Board to be confidential or proprietary may be excluded.
Additionally, for each month’s Club Board Meeting (the first Wednesday of each month), the Chair of each Standing Committee shall attend and provide a summary report on the prior month’s activities and upcoming month’s plans. If unable to attend, the Chair shall appoint a designee to attend, or provide a written summary report to the President at least 48 hours prior to the day of the Board meeting.
Upon completion of a Chair’s year or term, all pertinent records and Club property shall be provided to the subsequent year’s Chair (or provided to the President-Elect).
  1. Standing Committee – Mission and Responsibilities
Note that there are Club Committee documents available to aid in training new and existing members in many of the areas where committees exist. Provided in this section and in the following paragraphs are the identification and definitions of the mission and responsibilities deemed most important by those in the Club that have served in these roles. The goal is to use these as a reminder in planning and conducting your actions!
Club Administration (Club Services) Committee
Mission: To conduct activities associated with the effective operation of the club.
Develop committee goals that help achieve the club’s annual goals.
Organize weekly and special programs.
Arrange for Greeters for each Club Meeting and major Events.
Assure that Sergeant-at-Arms responsibilities are carried out at Club meetings.
Conduct other activities associated with the effective operation of the club.
Subcommittees:        Bylaws Review 
                                    Venue (Meeting Hall/Meals)
Bylaws Review Subcommittee
Conduct periodic update review and maintenance of Club Constitution and By-laws, as well as this document, in compliance with Rotary International’s Manual of Procedure and other required documentation. Chair of this Subcommittee will be the Club Secretary.
Finance Subcommittee
Prepare and maintain annual club budget, working with Club Treasurer.
Review and make recommended changes to Club dues structure, in relation to Club budget and current financials.
Review Club financials, including assessing and recommending alternative investment strategies.
Fundraising Subcommittee
Create fundraising projects that will fund the activities of the club, and provide for funding the monies that will be awarded by the West Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation.
Review and recommend appropriate fundraising projects to the Club Board.
Programs Subcommittee
Establish programs plan prior to the beginning of the Rotary year.
Solicit and schedule programs/speakers for meetings.
Coordinate schedule of programs, including any changes, with Club Secretary, who maintains Club Calendar.
Be aware of Rotary Calendar monthly themes and incorporate appropriate Rotary programs, and seek ideas for speakers from Club members.
Provide or arrange for music at Club meetings/fellowship events.
Venue (Meeting Hall / Meals) Subcommittee
Make arrangements and interface, as appropriate, with the providers of the meeting hall and meals
Membership Committee
Mission:  To develop and implement goals and action plans for membership growth, diversity and retention.
Develop committee goals to meet club membership goals for the Rotary year.
Maintain classification reviews and evaluate club membership strengths and weaknesses.
Work with the PR committee to provide media material that enhances club image for prospective members.
Develop and maintain programs to educate and train prospective, new and current club members.
Working with Club Secretary, create, maintain and update Club Member badges. Also, assist Club Secretary to maintain current membership data (includes use of Membership Data Update as deemed necessary to assist process)
Subcommittees:         Attendance 
Attendance Subcommittee
Set appropriate goals with Club Leadership for attendance for the Rotary year.
Assist the Club Secretary, as needed, in completing monthly attendance reports.
Take steps to encourage and improve attendance.
Maintain individual Rotarian attendance records.
Provide club expertise on termination process.
Recruitment Subcommittee
Establish goals with club leadership for the addition of new members for the Rotary year.
Develop and implement plans for the recruitment of new members.
Maintain a liaison with the PR committee to promote info for prospective members.
Retention Subcommittee
Conduct Red Badge Program to introduce new members into West Bay Rotary
Establish goals with Club Leadership for acceptable levels of member retention.
Conduct periodic surveys to determine attitudes on Rotary membership.
Evaluate individual involvement in programs and projects of the club.
Prepare and implement action plans to assure retention of all members.
Identify and organize participation in Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) classes.
Education Subcommittee
Establish pre-year goals and calendar for educational sessions to be completed.
Prepare and implement programs to train and educate prospects and Rotarians.
Programs to include:  Prospect orientation, Community Information sessions, Fireside Chats, Weekly Rotary Minute information sessions and special Rotary Programs.
Classification Subcommittee
Conduct an annual review of member classifications.
Report to Membership Chair on Analysis findings by classification and diversity.
Recommend membership pursuit by open classifications and diversity to Membership     chair, as well as assessing area businesses and other opportunities for recruitment.
Assign prospective new members proper classification and notify Club Secretary and Membership Chair
Fellowship Committee
Mission: To develop and implement “hands on” and fun Member activities that help to foster fellowship and friendship
Establish goals with club leadership on Fellowship plans and budget for the Rotary year.
Plan and schedule club social activities, including “Tiki-times” and the annual Holiday Party.
On behalf of the Club, leads the organization of the yearly Changeover Dinner, working with other area Clubs, by selecting a date, arranging for the venue and meals, and assisting the Club President/President Elect/Officers in planning the event.
Public Relations (Public Image) Committee
Mission:  To inform the public about Rotary and promote the club’s service projects and activities.
Establish goals with club leadership on PR plans and budget for the Rotary year.
Work with Rotarians to involve them in public information about Rotary and the Club.
Develop a long-range public image plan and maintain media contacts that will benefit the Club.
Implement systems for the placement of articles, ads and promotional items in the media.
Promote the image and information about the club and R. I. in the public, including working with other Committee/Event Chairs to identify opportunities for media exposure.
Create club promotional material, including use of R.I.’s programs with local club additions.
Coordinate media interviews of Club officers/members, as well as all photo coverage.
Maintain Facebook page for Club, as well as other social media tools for immediate public exposure of events (and work with Club Secretary for coordinated messages included on West Bay Rotary website and/or emails).
Coordinate and produce monthly video that documents and highlights various Club activities.
Service Projects (Community Service) Committee
Mission:   To develop and implement educational, humanitarian and vocational service projects that help our community and the fundraising efforts to support them.
Establish goals with Club Leadership to provide funding and hands-on service to those in need in the local community.
Evaluate needs of the local community through any and all available resources.
Create a balanced approach to hands-on and funding support to local needs.
Solicit and screen Donation Request applications for potential funding.
International Programs Committee
Mission:  To develop and implement international projects for the club and create support for projects of Rotary International and the Rotary District.
Assure Club involvement in the international arena of Rotary.
Create appropriate projects to bring assistance to communities abroad.
Recommend funding support for projects abroad.
Help to oversee Club-supported youth activities, such as the Camden Conference.
Youth Exchange Programs Committee
Mission: To develop and implement Club efforts to support involvement with Rotary-related youth organizations in our Club’s area.
Responsibilities: Recommend and coordinate club involvement in Rotary-related youth activities such as: Rotaract, Interact, RYLA, Youth Exchange and other efforts.
Interact Subcommittee
Serves as liaison between Club and Midcoast Interact Club, located at CHRHS
Facilitates, advises and supports Interact Club activities
Seek support from other Club members to help support Interact meetings and activities
Seek Interact member participation/support in various Club events and fundraisers
RYLA Subcommittee
Identify and/or solicit nominations for Rotary Youth Leadership Conference (RYLA) participation (nominally held each September)
Provide aid in completing required paperwork
Organize participants’ visitation back to Club meeting to speak about their experiences
Rotary Foundation Committee
Mission:  To develop and implement a plan to support the Foundation through program participation and financial contributions.
Develop committee goals to achieve Club Foundation goals for the coming year.
Educate club members about the Rotary Foundation, its benefits and how it works.
Encourage and facilitate participation in Rotary Foundation programs, as well as in the West Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation (which is managed via a separate Board that meets each month, following the Club’s Board Meeting).
Ensure that your Club and its Members contribute to the Rotary Foundation
Work with the Club Treasurer in tracking member contribution and report periodic results to the Board.
Subcommittees:         Foundation Programs
                                    Annual Giving
                                    Polio Plus
Foundation Programs Subcommittee
Determine with club leadership the degree of involvement the club will have in programs like Ambassadorial Scholars, Group Study Exchange, Peace Fellowships.
Provide the expertise for and implement club involvement in humanitarian programs like
Matching Grants and District Simplified Grants.
Work with appropriate Club Committee/Event Chair to ensure proper preparation and submission of required paperwork for gaining award of District and Global Grants, and ensure all reporting and paperwork submissions are done on completion of projects.
Annual Giving Subcommittee
Establish goals with club leadership for the “Every Rotarian, Every Year” program.
Coordinate club efforts to support EREY.
Provide club education, appeals and updates on club participation in EREY and Annual Giving
Polio Plus Subcommittee
Coordinates the Club’s efforts in support of the Polio Plus Program of Rotary International.
Establish goals with club leadership on the club’s financial support of Polio Plus.
Provide club education, appeals and updates on Polio Plus.
Coordinate West Bay Rotary’s participation in annual Polio Walk or other events.
Vocational Committee
Mission:  To develop a creative program of vocational service projects to serve the local adult and student community.
Establish goals with Club Leadership on the annual disbursement amounts for the club scholarship awards.
Evaluate and select applicants for, and recommend disbursement of, the scholarship trust funds that delegate responsibility to West Bay Rotary.
Invite and host the Scholarship recipients at a Club meeting to share their experiences.
Maintain an active liaison with the area schools for program and scholarships.
Promote and conduct programs for vocational training/development in area high schools.
Devise and conduct mentoring programs for area adults who may be between career opportunities.
Devise, promote and conduct classes in Entrepreneurship, in conjunction with and approval by the Five Town CSD Education Department, for adults and students who are interested in future business careers and/or adults who feel that they could benefit from a mentoring experience.
  1. Club Officers – Roles and Responsibilities (Additional duties/responsibilities are listed below as an aid, as these are not discussed in significant detail in various RI training programs and associated Club documents)
- Provide final report to Board, summarizing their year as President (include any awards given out to members, fiscal summary, and reports of various events and fundraisers held during their year)
- Conducts annual review of Club’s Strategic Plan, via use of Strategic Monitoring Committee that meets at least twice during their year, to monitor status of the strategic plan initiatives and progress is reported out at club assemblies (Note: every 3 years, President-Elect leads review/rework/updating of Strategic Plan for the following 3 years)
- Ensures Club officer/member participation in West Bay Rotary-sponsored Satellite Club
- Maintain both the West Bay Rotary Website and West Bay Rotary Calendar
- Serve as focal point for issuing emails to West Bay membership, including notices of any meetings and events
- Maintain Badge box for in-person meetings (work with Membership Committee to ensure any new members get proper badging, intro materials and Rotary pins
- Serves as focal point for orders placed with Russell-Hampton for RI materials
- Chairs By-Laws subcommittee to ensure annual review/currency of Club Constitution and By-Laws, as well as maintenance of Club documentation
- Maintains status reporting of annual Club, District and RI Goals for Club (for recognition awards provided to Club by District and RI), including completion of Event/Activity records by various Committee and Event/Fundraiser Chairs
- Assist West Bay Rotary-sponsored Satellite Club in conforming to West Bay Rotary policies and procedures
- Follows all Financial Practices as set forth in the Financial Practices Document, approved by the West Bay Rotary Board in 2019 (Document #2 in the attached policy documents)
- Works closely with West Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation and West Bay Rotary-sponsored Satellite Club Treasurers to ensure proper fiscal management and management/transfer of Club monies
- Assist West Bay Rotary-sponsored Satellite Club in conforming to West Bay Rotary policies and procedures
-  Staff the Welcome Table at each Club meeting.
-  Ensure placement of Flags and Club banners in meeting room
-  Setup Member Badge Box & Visitor sign-in sheet
-  Greet visiting Rotarians and Visitors and introduce them to members.
-  Collect fees for visitor/guest breakfasts and transmit them to the Treasurer.
-  Sell 50/50 tickets and distribute proceeds to Treasurer and winner, when required.
-  Conduct Club’s Happy/Sad dollar News briefings.
-  Periodically make monthly/special events – birthdays, club anniversaries, re-assign members to different tables, etc.
Committee and Event/Fundraiser Chairs
- Ensure proper application of WBR Financial Practices document to their activity
- Ensure prompt completion of required Event/Activity Record
These documents are included here to capture key Board decisions, as well as to help provide for ease of identification and access by any Club Member. For questions associated with their use (or if you need a copy of any of these documents), please contact any Club Officer or the appropriate Committee Chair identified in parentheses here.
1. Event/Activity Record (Club Secretary)
2. Financial Practices Document (Club Treasurer)
3. New West Bay Rotary Member Initiation Fee and Meal Costs (Membership)
4. Membership Data Form (Membership)
5. Snow Day/Meeting Cancellation Policy (Club President) 
6. West Bay Rotary Spokesperson(s) to Media (Club President/Public Relations Chair)
7. West Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation By-Laws (Club President-Elect)
8. West Bay Rotary New Member Induction Ceremony (Club President)
9. West Bay Rotary Red Badge Program (Membership)
10. Confirmation of Former WBR Membership & Good Financial Standing (Club Treasurer and Club Secretary)
11. WBR Charitable Foundation Optional Quarterly Giving (Club Treasurer)
12. West Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation and AMAZON SMILES (Club President-Elect)
13. WBR Vocational Services Committee Policy for Paying West Bay Scholarship Awards (Vocational Services)
14. WBR Charitable Foundation Donation Request Form, Application, and Evaluation Process/Guidelines
 (President-Elect and Community Service Chair)
15. Annual Sponsorship Exclusivity for Members Policy (Sponsorship)
16. West Bay Rotary Membership Application Form (Membership)
17. WBR Charitable Foundation Donation Request Form/Process (Community Service)
18. West Bay Rotary Club Insurance – Certificate of Insurance for Events (Club Secretary)