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West Bay Rotary Board Minutes -- Meeting of December 5, 2018
Attendees: George Abendroth; Mary Sargent; Cindy Allen; Kristen Lindquist; Jim Potter; Kim Milton; Etienne Perret; Joan LeMole; Leamon Scott; Lisa Dresser; Susan Dorr; Mik Mikkelsen; Mark Coursey; Barbara Heard; Sandy Cox
Meeting called to order by President Mary at 7:02 am.
  1. Secretary Report (George A.)
  • No minutes taken at November Board meeting.
  • Attendance for November 2018 = 57.22%; YTD (since July 2018) = 69.94%. Drop in attendance percentages due to inclusion of Satellite Club members within WBR and their non-reporting until this meeting on attendance. A spreadsheet is being provided by Cindy Allen to Mary and George, and we will retroactively include their meetings to date, plus report their attendance numbers going forward, with Peter Lindquist to provide Mary/George a copy after each meeting.
  • West Bay Rotary Membership Numbers are currently 86 total (83 active (9 are Satellite Club members) and 3 honorary members) as of today’s meeting.  
  • West Bay Rotary Calendar updated with speaker updates through start of year; still lacking many event dates and committee meetings which are not regularly scheduled. If notified in advance, I can get them added onto Calendar for all members.
  • New officers for 2019-2020 Rotary Year will be entered into RI website, once the Club’s election is held during December.
  • A Leave of Absence for Kevin Abendroth was approved by the Board. Kevin has been transferred to the Bangor home office of Bangor Savings Bank, where he will be a Mortgage Analyst and is planning to evaluate Rotary Clubs in the area before requesting any formal transfer from West Bay. His LOA is effective retroactively from October 18, 2018 until March 28, 2019.
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Kristen)
  • The November Financial Report was discussed and approved by the Board.
  • Monies will be transferred to the West Bay Rotary Foundation for award of selected donation requests, after Board approval of recommendations made by the Community Service committee.
  • December Buckets on the Table will once again be for the Camden Area Christian Food Pantry. Other candidates were identified to President Mary for consideration in upcoming months.
  1. Community Service Committee (Mark)
There will be no Community Service Committee meeting in December. For their November meeting, they selected and are recommending for Board approval $8980.00 in donation requests for 8 of 12 requests be funded (Board approved). At their January meeting, the Committee will focus on developing specific guidelines to clarify the review and selection process for the various nominations provided for donation requests, which are fulfilled by West Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation.
  1. Satellite Club (Cindy)
Currently, there are 9 members in the Satellite Club, with 2 other prospective members as of their last meeting. Sandy Cox will make a presentation on the Rotary Wheel at an upcoming satellite club meeting.No meetings are planned during December, with meetings resuming in January.
  1. International (Susan)
Susan identified that as many as 10 students will be hosted by West Bay at the upcoming Camden Conference, with them being located at the Strand Theatre. Also, it was indicated that they are looking for other opportunities to explore, while still looking into several ongoing projects, such as the Water Fountain projects in both Mexico and Tanzania.
During the discussions, a request was made to review and clarify whether a more consistent approval process by the West Bay Board is needed for all major Club expenditures, including not only International budgeted funds, but also extend this practice across all areas of the Club.The process needs to ensure that the designated funds are being spent as intended in any original proposal, with sufficient statusing/reporting needed up until completion. President Mary tabled the request until the January Board meeting, with a desire to develop some guidelines that could be further discussed by the Board.
  1. Foundation (Etienne)
Etienne reported that as a Club, we are doing very well with EREY contributions.He also noted that April 30th is the deadline date for District 7790 Grant Applications (note: this date has been added to our West Bay Calendar).
  1. Membership (Joan)
Currently, Mimi Edmunds and Bob Holmes are prospective candidates. Bob has indicated he would like to join West Bay when he returns north after the winter, and Mimi has also indicated a strong interest in joining West Bay. Joan indicated that her Committee will plan to interview Mimi during the month of December. Also, Joan indicated that her Committee is investigating options for other forms of Membership, which she will bring to the Board once their review is completed.
  1. Vocational (Jim)
Jim Potter informed the Board that several current scholarship recipients will be present at the December 27th Club meeting, to update the Club on their school status.
  1. Interact (Joan)
Joan identified that the Interact Club made $114 selling baked goods at the Christmas by the Sea pararde, with current planning to sell Candy-grams before the Christmas holiday, and also planning to help work several weekends selling Christmas trees.
  1. Sponsorships (Leamon)
Leamon indicated that they will be asking Club Members to assist in identifying potential sponsors. Also, he indicated that it was likely that only Annual Sponsors’ banners will be posted at events where our overall advertising space is limited (such as at the upcoming Chili Challenge).
Meeting adjourned at 8:28 am.