8 October, 2020
Speaker of the Day: Lane Sturtevant / Ava Baeza, Maine Voting Process

08 October 2020
Pre-meeting Chatter! Several took vacation days today! Everyone is working on Poems! Kim is preparing for past-pres meeting. Noel’s daughter is visiting! So nice ‘Seeing’ each other!
Buckets on the Table:  Camden Food Pantry (drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden –next to Hannaford- or mail to PO Box – or website donation site).
Poem for the Day: Jane LaFleur - Trees, Next Week – Kristen Lindquist
Speaker of the Day: Lane Sturtevant / Ava Baeza, Maine Voting Process
Voting in person involves a lot of challenges, social distancing creates challenges, longer lines and still a viral risks. We MUST vote, find the method of voting that works for you! Voting my mail is already nicely established in the state of Maine, so that is an advantage for us. Your absentee vote (no excuse is needed) must be to the town clerk by 8 pm November 3rd. There is no post mark deadline in Maine, it must be TO the town clerk by 8pm Nov 3. 30% of Mainers have voted by absentee pre-covid. You can also vote absentee in the clerk’s office as well. There are also secure drop boxes available but you must drop your ballot IN THE TOWN that you are a part of…Remember to sign the back of the envelope, this is required!
To help out with voting in Maine, volunteering with League of Women Voters of Maine, protection and observation campaigns, documenting drop boxes, and other opportunities. Talk to people about voting, get the word out there so everyone votes!
Committee Reports:
Book Club: Oct 13, 1700 Zoom. Contact Kristin. The Splendid and The Vile, Erik Larson.
Community: Next Habitat Project is Oct 17th. Let Tim Dresser know if you are interested in hanging out with some builders! We can have as many volunteers from now on, Come Join Us!! Wear your Bling!
Satellite: Flat Bread Tonight, Speaker from AIO. Will meet via zoom after tonight.
International: donation being made to Ecuador
Interact: roadside cleanup at 9 am Saturday at beech hill parking lot, habitat build on Oct 17
District Gov match: give your donation to Kim or Kristen
Meals of Hope is still being considered
Phone Tree project: contact Ken if you want to be involved. Help keep members not on zoom in the loop!
Christmas Tree Sales are rapidly approaching!