March 30, 2017
Kate Cronin – Executive Director
Moved here full time in 1990 – son & daughter grew up here in Camden.
Kate has worked in non-profit sector for her full career – doing good things for Maine people and the environment.
MaineShare is looking for positive & lasting change for Maine - much like Rotary International.
Came together in the late 80’s to offer employee giving opportunities.  Founded a collaborative organization in the 1980’s. 
If you have a vision a group of friends and a lawyer who can complete your 501C3 – it isn’t easy to find all of your resources. 
Maine Association of Non-Profits
6,000 non-profits in Maine
How does someone choose where they will focus their time & dollars
11 billion dollars to the economy
Employee 1 in 6 workers
Build community & cultivate civil society
$935 million to time and talent through ME non-Profits
MaineShare Supports
Long Term solutions
Maine Share donors are funding member groups addressing root cause issues and working for sustainable solutions.
Member groups advocate for policies, program and education to:
Increase economic opportunity
Advocate for social justice & peace
Promote safety & Health
Protect Maine’s environmental health
Support education, cultural diversity and arts
MaineShare benefits business and employees
Helps establish community leadership
Increases donation choices for employees
Connects employees with the causes they care about
Offering MaineShare broadens your community impact and offering an employee giving program is a great place to start.
Economic opportunity
New Ventures Maine
Working with men & women to give them the tools to restart or start their careers.  Economic viability for Maine
Maine Women’s Fund – bolstering economic security for Maine women.
Safety & health – environmental health strategies center – helped to pass the BPA free initiatives across the country.  Been looking at toxins that are in our homes.  Currently working on the arsenic & well water initiative. 
The environment – Many of the non-profits in Maine have been working to keep the environment cleaner.  Natural Resources Council of Maine.  Maine Audubon, Sierra Club, Maine Resources Recovery Association – work with municipal resource entities about what we are doing with our waste.
Social Justice  & Peace
Maine Veterans for Peace – sharing the human impact of war
Maine Council of Churches – seeking common ground across all sectors
MaineShare member groups have important impact on the communities they serve.
Maine Farmland Trust – the states leading force in protecting farmland –preserve farm land
Chewonki uses the outdoors to educate students on Maine ecology & natural history
Genesis Community Loan Fund – gives money to other organizations
Maine organic farmers & gardeners – MOFGA
Community Financial Literacy – teaching new Mainers financial skills – new residents & refugees.
MaineShare is dedicated to choice in giving – donors designate their contributions directly to the groups and causes they care about most.
MaineShare retains 15% of contributions – remaining goes to the recipients.
Amount of money ranges from $3,000 - $12,000 each year. 
All of your dollars stay local and support progressive organizations working for Maine communities.
What is MaineShare is doing to support the fight against drug addiction?
Don’t know of any of the organizations that are addressing that today. 
Those groups that are working with young people can address that as part of their programming.
How does a non-profit get on the MaineShare list?
When our own member groups, staff and BOD decide that they are raising enough money to welcome additional groups to participate.  The organizations review the applications and vote on groups to be added.
Buckets on the table for Paws
Next week Ripple Initiative -
April 22 – Ewaste
Ron – EREY – Noel Cox & John Johanson
Songbook update – Send in ideas & suggestions for new songs. 
Heidi – Youth Exchange – 2 outbound & inbounds are doing well. 
Calendar Changes
Board meeting – April 12
Business to Business Expo – April 12
2p – 7p – need folks to staff the booth
New brochure & business cards
Next week – window dressers